Traditional & Modern Shotokan Karate
Shotokan Karate Jutsu (Applied Karate)



Interested in learning Karate along with other types of self defence.

We have Traditional & Modern Shotokan Karate, Shotokan Karate Jutsu (Applied)

Adult Classes

Mondays 7pm until 9pm
Thursdays 7pm until 9pm

at River Village Hall, Common Lane , River , Nr Dover CT17 0RA

Tuesdays 8pm to 9.30pm (Extra training in Jutsu, Makiwara & Bag/pad work)

(People are welcome to train but If you only train on this Tuesday lesson you will still require an Association license, and also there will be no grading syllabus)

at Fightin Fit Combat Academy, Tower Hamlets Road,Dover

Sensei John V Farenden has been actively involved in the Martial Arts now since 1974, and to him is a way of life! and teaches in a friendly environment and for no personal profit, and all funds that are obtained through a course of time are to club equipment etc.


Why not contact John or come along and take a look.

We are full members of Toyakwai Karate Association and Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)

Our Club Dojo Kun

In my training within Martial Arts/karate i will learn to train my mind to overcome ALL obstacles..I shall not judge nor accuse but observe others actions and my own and strive to be the character expected of me in the Dojo and in my personal life , and will strive to honour the code of Ethics of the Art I have chosen. © Copyright John Vincent Farenden 2017


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For more information please contact our club secretary at
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John V Farenden SENSEI
6th Dan Shotokan Karate,
1st Dan Zen Shin Ryu Karate,
1st Dan Kempo Karate

Tel: 01304 228250

Mob: 07786814998


For more information please contact our club secretary at
Email :

Shotokan Karate Instructor required either 1st or 2nd Dan, to run a junior class age range 7 to 11 years old at Fightin Fit Combat Academy, Tower Hamlets Road, Dover on a Wednesday 5:30pm until 6:30pm & Friday 6:00pm until 7:15pm.

Must Have a DBS check and not have been out of training for more than 1 year, be proficient in Traditional Shotokan standards and have proof of grades and Association/Body recognition! Whoever must become a member instructor with CMAA (Cobra Martial Arts Association) also the Toyakwai Karate Association 6th Dan Sensei John Farenden will try out each candidate for their instruction technique and teaching ability.

For more information contact Sensei John Farenden on 07786814998


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