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Pricing Increases

Dear Customer

You may be aware of the recent press that has been given to the increasing costs of clothing production. In summary this is being caused by the dramatic increases in cotton prices now reaching a 15 year high and costs have been further fuelled by the devastating floods in Pakistan and China.

We have recently been informed by a number of our larger brands that they are faced with no alternative but to increase prices on their products.

We are still receiving information from the brands with regards to the exact increases. We can provide the following general information.


Will be increasing their prices by 10%

Fruit of the Loom:

Will be an average increase of approximately 10%

Russell Europe Brands:

Will be increasing their prices by 10%.
We understand other brands are also increasing their prices and we would anticipate this would be an average of a 10% increase. We anticipate these prices will take effect in October.
Please find a link below of an article by the Daily Telegraph, where they have given a very concise summary of the problems facing the UK’s textile industry,


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